Quantman Algo Trading Platform3 min read

May 4, 2022


Quantman Algo Trading Platform3 min read

Paytm Money provides several trading and investment options to both new and experienced traders/investors.

One such option is Algo Trading  through our integration with Quantman

What is Quantman?

Quantman is an algorithmic trading platform through which the traders can backtest the strategy with historical market data before going live and deploy their strategies with a single click. Traders can develop and backtest their strategies by elminating the requirement of coding. By signing up on Quantman, traders can let machines do the difficult tasks while they focus on building more strategies.

Quantman is integrated with Paytm Money. So traders can place automatic orders to Paytm Money using Quantman platform very easily.

Quantman has 4 major features

  1. Strategy Creation : You can create any complicated Algo strategies using 70 technical indicators and three types of charts without a single line of code.
  2. Back Testing : Created strategy can be backtested with historical market data. If strategy results are not satisfactory, optimize before deploying on live.
  3. Paper Trading : You can test the strategy performance without risking your capital by doing paper trading. You can also deploy any Algo strategy in paper trading mode where you get to trade with real market price but without using your real money. Quantman shows the live Profit and Loss for the strategy. On completion of the Paper Trading trial, you can decide whether to go live with the strategy or not. And, this comes without any cost.
  4. One Touch and Fully Automated Order Placing : Once you decide to deploy the strategy,  you get two choices – Go Full Auto or One Touch!!


Quantman is one of the most reliable, trusted and low cost platforms which is hosted on cloud. Retail traders need not spend separately on market data, coding, cloud, high-speed internet – all comes with minimum cost.  And the trading API is free from Paytm Money!!

How to start with Quantman?

  1. Visit quantman website
  2. Select PaytmMoney and login using your credentials

3. On successful login, it will take you to the quantman’s home page. You just have to click Create Strategy and enter all the strategy details.

4. Start building your strategy by selecting simple dropdown features.

5. Define the entry and exit conditions. For example, if you want to enter the strategy at 9.30 AM and exit at 10 AM. Give entry Time of Day as Above 9.30 and Exit as number of minutes from Entry is equal to 30


6.You can trade on weekly or monthly options and Strike selection can be based on premium value or exact strike like At The Money (ATM), ATM+1, ATM+2

7. Once you create the strategy you have option to Backtest, paper trade or Live Automation

8. All the live orders placed through Quantman can be seen in your Paytm Money account.


9. Once the Entry order gets executed, Quantman immediately places a Target & Stop Loss order in the market as you defined in the strategy.

10. You can also see the performance of the strategy with detailed transaction analysis on the report section.


Check here to understand how automatic trades works and configure Quantman with Paytm Money.

For more information on this, drop us an email at openapi.care@paytmmoney.com

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