Live: Register SIP Now, Pay Later for Mutual Fund Investments2 min read

December 9, 2019
Register SIP Now, Pay later


Live: Register SIP Now, Pay Later for Mutual Fund Investments2 min read

If investing in mutual funds is important, investing systematically over a period of time is even more important.

Paytm Money is India’s largest and most preferred platform for mutual fund investors to invest using SIPs (Systematic Investment Plans) for its ease of investing and managing SIPs. We are now even more excited to introduce the ‘Register SIP Now, Pay Later’ functionality for our users.

What is Register SIP Now, Pay Later

From today, every time you choose to make a SIP investment in any Mutual Fund scheme on Paytm Money, you will be provided an option to either make a payment immediately or simply register for an SIP to pay on a later date.

select investment date

Narrow down on a scheme, select a date, either of your choice or our SIP date suggestion based on historical performance.

Once you have picked a scheme & selected a date to invest, you will get an option to:

  1. make the payment immediately
  2. on a later date of your choice
setup sip Set up SIP

The ‘Pay Later’ option — is now available in the latest app update (Android & iOS) for all the users of Paytm Money and is enabled for across all mutual fund schemes from all AMCs.

Investors who have enabled the Auto-Pay via mandates:

SIPs that are registered to Pay Later, the amount will be automatically invested on a scheduled SIP date. Please ensure you have sufficient balance in your bank account for the auto debit to happen successfully.

Investors who choose to make payments via UPI or Net Banking:

Users who have registered SIPs to Pay Later, will be reminded to make payments for their due SIP installments on scheduled dates. They can choose to invest on the scheduled date of this month, or the next.

In both the cases, we will send the SIP for registration to the AMC after the first successful payment for SIP in the Mutual Fund scheme is made.

We recommend setting up an one-time mandate with your bank for more convenience and to simply put your SIPs on auto-pilot mode. 🙂

Watch this video to learn how you can register your SIPs to Pay Later with Paytm Money

Go ahead and start investing through SIP on Paytm Money. It was never simpler! Share your feedback with us at