Simplify Your Trading With Squareoff Trading Bots2 min read

January 25, 2023


Simplify Your Trading With Squareoff Trading Bots2 min read

If you don’t have any Algo strategy, or don’t understand Algo coding, then SquareoffBots is the right place for you.

Squareoff Trading bots is a Basket of Intraday Trading Strategies, where users can choose the best one based on performance and deploy it in their account which automatically executes trades. This is suitable for people who do not have time and bandwidth to do the analysis themselves. 

SquareoffBots has listed many trading bots with strategy, logic, back testing result, past ROI, drawdown etc. You can evaluate the strategy details and subscribe for Automated Trading. Trading bots are available for NSE Cash, Futures and Options Segment.

Check the live demo of How fully automated trading bots work here. 

Capital Required:

Equity bots can be traded with a capital of Rs. 50,000 and all other Futures and Options bots require minimum capital of Rs. 3 lakhs to trade one lot with one bot.


You can check the performance of all bots here

Free Trial & charges:

By default, SquareoffBots provide one week free trial access to all bots. However, Paytm Money users can get one month free access to all trading bots. You just need to drop a mail to support@squareoff.in after the one week free trial ends, and their support team will extend your trial access to one month.

Each trading bot costs Rs. 17,700 per year and all bots are priced at a discounted rate of Rs. 29,500 per year. 

How to use the bot?

1. Login to https://squareoffbots.com/ 

2. Scroll down and login with Paytm Money


3. Authenticate using your Paytm Money credentials


4. Once authenticated, it will take you to the Squareoff Algo Dashboard. You just have to click on Input Capital and enter the number of lots you want to trade with the respective bots every day between 8 AM and 9 AM and click on trade. That’s all! 

Bots will start placing orders along with respective stop loss and targets. You don’t need to keep the window open, or laptop open. You can use your mobile browser and give the input daily. 

input capital

5. Once an input is given to the bot and clicked on Trade, the bot will go in the running state. As and when trigger happens, execution will be done in your Paytm Money account.

Option Selling

6. You can go to performance and click on any of the bots at the left side and scroll down to the last, it will show the performance metrics of that bot.


For more information on this, drop us an email at openapi.care@paytmmoney.com

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