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What are Goals on Paytm Money?
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Goals on Paytm Money are an easy and simple way to maintain and track the progress of your goals based on your current investments.
You could add goals such as going on a vacation, creating a retirement fund, buying a home or anything of your choice.
How many Goals can I set?
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You can add as many goals as you want to add and track. You can do this using the pre-defined Goals on Paytm Money or even add a custom Goal.
Can I make Goal based investments?
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No, we don't link your Goals with specific investment schemes. The reason for this is that over time goals change and so does investment thesis.
We let you add Goals and Track their progress against your Current Portfolio Value. Simple and Sweet.
Add / Delete / Modify Goals
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Yes, you can add, delete or edit your goals on Paytm Money.
I redeemed a fund, do I need to edit my Goals?
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To avoid such complexity, we have kept Goal tracking simple and not linked to any Mutual Fund schemes.
Hence, it is not mandatory to edit a goal if you have redeemed a fund. You can mark the goal as completed if you have achieved any goal based on the redemption from the fund(s).
What is Goal Summary & Goal Progress?
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Goal Summary is a visual snapshot of the progress of each of your goals against your total investment value.
Goal Progress is a visual snapshot of the realization of your total goal value against your total investment value .
Difference between Achieved Goals & Completed Goals?
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Achieved Goals: A goal is shown as achieved (100%) when the investment value meets or exceeds your goal value.
Completed Goals: You can mark any of your goals as completed.