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Safety and security
We are committed to ensuring the safety & protection of your information.
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Protect your mobile phone via a password.
Employ a strong password for your Paytm Money Account. E.g. Use special characters, numbers etc.
Update / change Paytm Money Account passwords at regular intervals.
View your Paytm Money Portfolio, Transactions and Account Statements regularly to verify all transactions.
Verify all transaction communication received from Paytm Money via Email, SMS & Notifications.
Immediately reach out to Paytm Money customer support if you find any discrepancies in your transactions.
Select a nominee on Paytm Money for easy transfer of investments in the event of demise of an investor.
In case of a lost or stolen phone, report the case to your service provider and police immediately.
DON'TsSecurity Don'ts icon
Never share your Paytm Money login credentials with anyone over the phone or internet.
Do not share critical information such as Transaction IDs, Folio Numbers, OTP, KIN Number etc. with anyone.
Do not store sensitive information such as your Paytm passcode, card details, bank account credentials etc. on your phone / computer or on paper.
Never forget to intimate us for change in address / mobile number to avoid misdelivery of transaction communication.
Never click on embedded links from unknown sources on social networking sites / emails.
Employ caution on using WiFi and Bluetooth in public places.
Never respond to SMS or phone communication with investment tips or advice. Paytm Money will never send such communication. Please report any such SMS or calls to us immediately.
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