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Can I use same login as Paytm?
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Yes, you can login to Paytm Money platform using your Paytm credentials.
Forgot my password. How do I reset?
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Please follow the instructions below to reset your password:

1. Place a call to this number: 0120-3888388 / 0120-3925699 from your registered mobile number
2. Press 1 to reset your password
3. You will receive a reset password link via email & sms which is valid for 10 minutes
4. Click on the link and set your new password
5. Now, you can login using your new password
Note: This will reset your Paytm password. You will require to login on Paytm Money with your new Paytm password.
How do I change my password?
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To change your Paytm password, please follow the below steps:
1. Go the 'Profile' section
2. Click on 'Change password' under 'Security and Settings'
3. Enter the details and click on 'Save'
4. Your password will be updated
Note: This will reset your Paytm Password. You will require to re-login on Paytm Money and all other Paytm applications.
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