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Zerodha Mutual Funds Direct v/s Regular Plans

Zerodha Mutual fund schemes are available as Direct Plans and Regular Plans. Investors should choose Direct Plans as they’re offered directly by the AMC without the involvement of any intermediaries like distributors or agents who charge extra commissions.View More
Your investment of ₹10,00,000, investing in direct plans can generate more returns than regular plans over given time period
Get extra returns on your investments in direct plans
Zerodha Mutual Fund
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Updated as on date 15 Jun 2024
About Zerodha Mutual Fund
Zerodha Mutual Fund has been providing mutual funds under different investment categories over the years. Investors should look at a longer horizon / time period while investing in mutual funds for wealth creation and secure their financial freedom. At Paytm Money, you can invest in Direct Mutual Funds of Zerodha Mutual Fund to earn higher returns on investment when compared to regular plans.
Suitability of Direct Plans
Individuals who understand their investment needs and risk appetite would find direct plans very useful. Here, you can shortlist the top-rated funds and carry out the entire investing process independently. There will be no interference or hidden commissions from an external intermediaries like a mutual fund distributor or agent. Zerodha Mutual Fund Direct Plans are available for all kinds of mutual funds namely.