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Activate Your Financial Freedom With Passive Funds Masterclass2 min read

October 7, 2021
passive funds mastercalss by paytm money

Activate Your Financial Freedom With Passive Funds Masterclass2 min read

There’s a popular saying about passive funds – you could literally be ‘sleeping and making money at the same time through passive funds’.

need for passive income paytm money

Evidently, the need for passive income gained prominence when covid-19 knocked doors in late 2019. At Paytm Money, we sensed this growing need to educate more people about passive funds and help them take a step closer to financial freedom.

Hence presenting, the ‘Passive Funds Masterclass’ in association with ‘Navi Mutual Fund’, this 21st & 22nd October. This masterclass helps you understand passive funds and income streams along with the plan & strategies you will need to create a flow of passive income through passive funds.

Here’s why you shouldn’t miss this masterclass:

5 reasons you should not miss passive funds masterclass paytm money
  1. Before wetting feet in a pool of passive funds, one must understand how passive funds are different from actively-managed funds, in terms of asset allocation, risk profiling, and much more. For that reason, we will dive deep into the concept of passive funds, during this masterclass.
  2. Well this might come as new to some, but when you are aiming to create passive income, the difference between mutual funds and passive funds is quite real. In this masterclass, we will explain the difference and which one you should go for.
  3. Every smart investor faces some core issues while investing in actively-managed funds like fund management charges, unsystematic risk, no guarantee of performance against the benchmark (passive funds replicate the benchmark). This masterclass also covers how to tackle such issues.
  4. Who doesn’t love strategies! Especially the ones that help you make money even while sleeping! This masterclass brings you the knowledge of the best domestic & international passive investment strategies and top passive income streams.
  5. Did you know that you can invest just Rs 10,000/month in passive funds without any fund management charges at all? In this masterclass, we will help you chalk out a detailed plan that lets you do the same and save you lots of money over time.

Now here’s something interesting about passive funds – passive funds may not be a part of your active investment portfolio, but they could help you pull a sizeable amount of passive income from the stock market. They are not expected to beat the benchmark (i.e Nifty 50), rather match its performance. If you believe numbers, here is how much Nifty returned to someone who invested passively for last 10 years (2011 – 2021):

nifty returns passive investments last 10 years

Think of all that you can achieve financially through a passive stream of income. You can fund your children’s education, meet your travel goals, accumulate assets, grow your wealth, and do much more.

achieve financially passive fund investments

So what are you waiting for?

Join Passive Funds Masterclass

Grab your tickets to the ultimate masterclass event on ‘Passive Funds’ and master the art of creating passive income streams to meet your financial goals.