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Bank Nifty Expiry Moves To Friday3 min read

June 21, 2023


Bank Nifty Expiry Moves To Friday3 min read

We have an exciting update for all the Bank Nifty enthusiasts out there! Get ready for a significant change in the trading landscape as the Bank Nifty expiry day shifts from Thursday to Friday. This alteration promises to bring a fresh dynamic to the market, providing traders with additional opportunities and a more convenient trading experience.

In this blog, we will delve into the details of this remarkable shift and explore how to benefit from this change. So, fasten your seatbelts as we embark on this exciting journey into the new Bank Nifty expiry day on Fridays!


On 6th June 2023, based on market feedback, the NSE shared a circular stating a change in the expiry day of BANK NIFTY from Thursday to Friday. The key takeaways for traders from the circular include:

  • Bank Nifty Futures and Options Expiry Day has been moved from Thursday to Friday.
  • The above change shall be effective from trade date July 7, 2023 Friday and accordingly, all existing contracts with Thursday expiry will be revised to Friday on July 6, 2023 EOD
  • The first FRIDAY expiry will be on July 14, 2023


Launched in the year 2003, Bank Nifty is a sectoral index comprising 12 stocks from the banking industry that trade on NSE. These stocks are the ones that are most liquid and highly capitalized. Although launched in the year 2003, Bank Nifty uses 2000 as the base year. The top constituents of Bank Nifty are HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Axis Bank and State Bank of India. Investors and market intermediaries get a benchmark through Bank Nifty that captures the capital market performance of the Indian banking sector.

How do I start trading in Bank Nifty on Paytm Money?

You can start trading in Bank Nifty in three easy steps:

Step 1: Go to the F&O Dashboard on the Paytm Money App

Step 2: On the top of the dashboard, you will find the “Market Indices section”. In the Market Indices section, you will be able to see “Bank Nifty” on the second card.

Step 3: Select Option Chain for options trading or Futures Contract for futures trading to begin trading in Bank Nifty

The securities are quoted as an example and not as a recommendation

Alternatively, the Paytm Money App allows you to trade in Bank Nifty directly by typing “Bank Nifty” and selecting the Futures or Options tab within the watchlist.

For trading in Futures, select “ Futures” tab underneath the Search bar-

The securities are quoted as an example and not as a recommendation

For trading in options, select “Options” tab underneath the Search bar-

The securities are quoted as an example and not as a recommendation

Why do traders love the Bank Nifty?

  1. High Liquidity– Bank Nifty is one of the highest transacted indices in the NSE for options. Hence, it has very high liquidity
  2. Volatility– Historically, Bank nifty has displayed higher levels of volatility than NIFTY, therefore providing more trading opportunities
  3. Limited constituent stocks– Since Bank Nifty has only 12 constituent stocks, tracking individual constituents is relatively easier
  4. Significant weightage in Nifty 50

Recently, the NSE also changed the expiry day for its Nifty Midcap Select Index from Tuesday to Wednesday. To know more, read- Nifty Midcap Select Index: Traders’ New Favorite

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Written by: Satyam Agarwal, Product @ PaytmMoney