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Celebrating DSP FlexiCap Fund for 25 yrs with Key Highlights4 min read

May 18, 2022
DSP FlexiCap Fund


Celebrating DSP FlexiCap Fund for 25 yrs with Key Highlights4 min read

DSP Investment Managers, a Flexi cap fund house which started its journey back in April 1997, has completed 25 years. Its investors have gained 19.1% on an annual basis in the past 25 years. As of March-end 2022, the Flexi cap fund has an AUM of Rs 7,661 crore, one of its flagship funds.

Since the fund has been through multiple market cycles, it has built a proven portfolio. It has delivered returns of 19.1% in compounded annual growth rate since inception. Rs 1 lakh invested at the start now amounts to over Rs 78 lakhs. It claims a similar return on investment in the Nifty 500, only Rs 31.74 lakhs. Over any ten years, the compounded annual return growth of the fund, managed by Atul Bhole and Abhishek Ghosh, has been a maximum of 33.5% and 6.9% minimum. The Flexi cap was DSP’s first fund with a disciplined investment framework. It has proven itself over many market cycles. 

Kalpen Parekh, the managing director and chief executive of the fund, said that only 36 investors who invested at inception and are continuing had seen this long-term growth. DSP manages the money of approximately 35 lakh investors. 

Although a lot has changed in the past two decades, the Flexi cap fund has created a lot of investor wealth and value for its investors. Helping people make better investment decisions is DSP’s motto. As an open-ended dynamic equity scheme investing across large-cap, mid-cap, and small-cap stocks, its mission is to help people grow their wealth the right way.

What is in the DSP Flexi cap fund?

The DSP Flexi cap fund explores flexibly in the market capitalisation spectrum – large-cap, mid-cap, and small-cap stocks. A predetermined market capitalisation does not restrict its investment range across companies. Led by reliable management, it aims to own quality businesses with solid business models and growth potential. The Flexi cap fund is DSP’s oldest equity fund with a two-decade track record. 

Why should you explore the DSP Flexi cap fund?

Exploring the DSP Flexi cap fund is a smart way to own multiple businesses selected by an expert fund manager instead of hunting for good stocks. The fund offers the potential to grow wealth by holding a quality, diversified portfolio to beat the impact of rising prices over a long-term period. It is a suitable choice for one’s core portfolio. The Flexi cap fund offers fund managers the liberty to explore market capitalisations, sectors, and themes. 

Who should explore the DSP Flexi Cap Fund?

The DSP Flexi cap fund is ideal for a first-timer or a relatively new investor in the equity market. It is also suitable for moderate investors who want to build wealth over a long period. A patient and mentally resilient investor who can remain invested for at least a decade should consider this Flexi cap fund. An investor in the Flexi cap fund must recognise that market falls are an excellent opportunity to invest even more. It requires one to accept that equity investing means risk exposure. Invest in the DSP Flexi cap fund without chasing the highest possible returns at all times.

It is crucial to think correctly before making any investments. One must expect short-term return fluctuations, especially during market ups and downs. Funds are prone to high risks, therefore, requiring careful planning. Investing in funds is all about discipline and time. After mastering these two factors, one can tide over any financial blues with the help of mutual funds. 

How can you explore the DSP Flexi Cap Fund?

If you’re interested in exploring the DSP Flexi Cap Fund, you can do so through the Paytm Money app. The DSP Flexi Cap Fund is an open-ended dynamic equity scheme investing across large-cap, mid-cap, and small-cap stocks. This open-ended equity scheme is suitable for investors seeking Long-term capital growth, Investment in equity and equity-related securities to form a diversified portfolio.

Explore the DSP Flexi Cap Fund NFO

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