All You Need To Know About ETF MasterClass2 min read

December 17, 2020
ETF Masterclass

All You Need To Know About ETF MasterClass2 min read

The ETF MasterClass-Rise with India is India’s first-ever 2-day webinar series from 18th to 19th December 2020 hosted by Paytm Money, with ICICI Prudential ETF as the knowledge partner.

This webinar will give you a chance to learn about the intricacies of ETFs from the experts of investment and fund management. Also, this 2-day session will make it simple for you to understand how to fit ETFs into your overall investing strategy and make the most out of it.

The key speakers of the event would be:

  • Ashishkumar Chauhan- MD & CEO, BSE
  • Mukesh Agarwal- CEO, NSE Indices
  • Sankaran Naren- ED & CIO, ICICI Prudential AMC
  • Radhika Gupta- MD & CEO, Edelweiss AMC
  • Deborah Fuhr- MD, ETFGI
  • Sameer Desai- National Lead, ETF
  • Chintan Haria- Head, Product Development & Strategy, ICICI Prudential AMC
  • Pratik Oswal- Head Passive Funds, Motilal Oswal AMC

This webinar is equally suited to the young and experienced investors who are eager to discover the wealth creation capabilities of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and would want to create an investment portfolio with ETFs that fits their financial requirements in the best manner.

Broadly, ETFs can be remarkable investment options to seek exposure to leading and growing companies in India. With a single investment, you can invest in all the companies of broad-based indices like Nifty50 & Sensex and get a well-diversified portfolio.

Investing in ETFs is a low-cost way to accumulate long-term wealth for your goals by minimizing your firm-related risks and earning returns that closely correspond to the underlying index.

And the best part is that ETFs being passive investments, it is one of the best opportunities to broaden your portfolios without putting in extra efforts to manage and allocate your investments.

Why Should You Attend The ETF Masterclass?

An incredible way to bid goodbye to this year and give yourself the gift of knowledge and much more with our ETF MasterClass. Enjoy the following benefits:

1. Educate – Learn about ETFs
2. Empower – your wealth creation journey
3. Experience – the top masters of the field
4. Enjoy- free brokerage and prizes worth Rs. 80k

So, are you ready to take a deep dive into the magical world of ETFs and take your wealth creation objective to the next level?

Register for the webinar today.