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Go Global With ‘The International Investor’ Masterclass2 min read

September 7, 2021
international investor masterclass paytm money


Go Global With ‘The International Investor’ Masterclass2 min read

Have you ever thought of making some quick money overseas? But wait, with Covid-19 putting a halt over international flights and corporate firms ceasing onsite projects, how will you go about it? 

Introducing the ‘The International Investor’ Masterclass partnered by Mirae Asset Mutual Fund, this 17th and 18th September, where we will help you to explore beyond the desi stocks and ETFs and discover the return potential from various currencies, specially from the stable U.S Dollar. 

Because we, at Paytm Money, truly believe that money transcends boundaries, and international investments is the new flavor in the world of equity markets.

go global with paytm money masterclass

Starting from allocating as little as 10% to 20% of your income, to understanding some key concepts of international equity, to protecting your money from currency depreciation, this masterclass will help you ace your investment game in the global arena.

understand key concepts of international equity with paytm money masterclass

So what does the two-day long masterclass have in store for you:

  • First and foremost, why you should foray into international investing. The sessions will justify the need to take your final call as to why diversifying your portfolio through global financial instruments is indeed beneficial and impactful.
  • One you make up your mind, the next stride should involve grasping the functioning of global market indices like S&P 500 along with the influence of the Dollar currency; basically the U.S equity market.
  • Stocks and all are fine, but have you tried ETFs? ETFs contribute to a larger share of equity and help diversify with lesser risks.
  • Speaking about risks, international investing contains a certain amount of risk with respect to differing currency valuations. It might help you grow at a global pace, but you will be exposed to risks which can be managed through currency hedging, among others. But as the saying goes ‘No Risk, No Gain.’
  • Lastly, we will leave you with some references as to how international indices have performed in the past, how your wealth creation goals can be met with the U.S taxation system coming into play.

Now suppose you are planning to send your child for a specialised course in a foreign university, or rather enjoy a fun-filled vacation in Disneyland, then why would you save up for it in Indian currency? Try investing in international stocks and ETFs which will bring U.S. Dollars home.

invest in international stocks and etfs with paytm money

Still isn’t convinced? Let us share a fun fact. Did you know that the net income ($561 billion) of the Super 50 American stocks is more than the net income of all the domestic stocks combined? Now just imagine how huge it is!

So start envisaging your dream portfolio with top global brands like Apple, Facebook, Tesla, Walmart by investing in the S&P 500 index right away. In a way, you are also diversifying across top sectors.

nifty vs s&p 500 returns paytm money

Fasten your seatbelts because it’s time to go saat samundar paar with ‘The International Investor’ Masterclass!!!!

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