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Introducing InvestCare: Helping customers make better investment choices!3 min read

April 18, 2022


Introducing InvestCare: Helping customers make better investment choices!3 min read

Let’s start with a story. 

Maya, an investor, had fair knowledge about the stock market. She bought a stock,  aiming to book profit in a very short period. The following day, the price was up and she decided to sell it off.

But to her shock, she was unable to do so since the orders were getting rejected. After hours of struggle, she found out that the stock was placed under Trade to Trade category, meaning it was not possible to sell them before the settlement was complete.

When we found out that such stories are very common in the investing space, we thought of coming up with a solution that would help users to remain informed in their investing journey. 

That led to InvestCare, which is now live on the Paytm Money App!

What’s InvestCare?

InvestCare is a messaging tool that conveys important information to users at key junctures so that they can make better investment decisions. Our aim with InvestCare is to help the users make informed decisions while investing through our platform. 

What are we solving with InvestCare?

We have gone live with InvestCare feature solving two very frequently asked questions: 

– Why am I unable to sell the stock that I bought yesterday or the day before? 

– I see this stock in my portfolio holdings, but I don’t remember buying it?

The first question is the case of Trade to Trade (T2T) stocks where settlement is mandatory. You can read more about T2T stocks here

The second question is about Right Entitlements (RE) stocks which are temporary demat holdings credited in case one is eligible for a Rights Issue. Read this blog if you want to understand Rights Entitlements in depth.

Getting started with InvestCare

We are doing the heavy lifting of actively identifying these T2T stocks and RE stocks and are putting messages for such stocks in the app to make the investing  experience better for you.

Coming to the question of where you can find these InvestCare messages, here is your answer. We have put them in the Company Page just below the chart as well as in the Order Entry screen, just in case you skip it on the company page.

Below is a snapshot of a T2T stock company page


Here is how the RE stock in the Order Entry screen will look like.


So the next time you come across any such InvestCare messages in the app, you know what you need to do.

What’s next?

We are constantly working to add messages for more scenarios under InvestCare that would help you in your investing journey. We will take up the cases for peak margin penalty and stocks under surveillance in the future updates. 

Meanwhile, we would love to hear from you on your experience with this feature. 

Do let us know if you have any such suggestions on how we can help you save your precious time, effort and money!

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