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Introducing Sticky Window for Orders2 min read

January 19, 2023


Introducing Sticky Window for Orders2 min read

Paytm Money has come up with yet another innovation to help traders and enable them to execute their trading strategy in a smoother manner.

We’re introducing Sticky Orders. The Sticky Window for orders allows you to place multiple orders in one go without exiting the order pad.

Currently, after placing an order from our web platform, the order pad is automatically closed. Upon receiving a request from traders, we have now provided the option to convert the order screen to a sticky window so that the quantity/price parameters can be quickly edited, and multiple orders can be placed rapidly in a sequence.

Benefits of a Sticky Order?

This feature will aid in the rapid placement of multiple orders for:

  1. Keeping the desired price in check during rapid price movements
  2. Placing multiple orders that exceed an order’s freeze quantity limit.

How to enable Sticky Orders?

To enable Sticky Orders, simply go to the Account section on the Paytm Money Web and toggle the Sticky Order setting to turn it on. Then, go to the Order Pad and start placing your orders one after the other.

If a trader needs to close the Order Pad for any reason, they can do so by clicking on the top-right cross, which is the standard symbol for closing a window or application. In addition, the Sticky Order feature can also be disabled if needed. To do this, traders can follow the same steps they used to enable the feature. They can go to the Account section on the Paytm Money Web and toggle the Sticky Order setting to turn it off. Once disabled, the order pad will function as it did before, without the Sticky Orders window.

By providing the option to disable the feature, Paytm Money is giving traders flexibility and control over their trading experience. They can choose to use the Sticky Order feature when it is beneficial to them and disable it when they prefer the standard order placement method.

The Sticky Order feature is currently available on the web version of the Paytm Money trading console.

stick window for orders on paytm money

Happy Trading!