Muhurat Trading 20222 min read

October 14, 2022


Muhurat Trading 20222 min read

Every ace trader looks forward to the yearly Muhurat Trading hour, as it’s said to bring along prosperity. 

This year’s Muhurat Trading will be held on 24th October from 6.15 pm-7.15 pm.

Trades made on this day are more for traditional, religious and sentimental reasons. Brokers and investors will make token investments and usually hold the stock for a year or so. They usually end up booking intra-day profits post Muhurat Trading.

This may count as an auspicious day to begin your investment journey, it is an age old belief that if you invest during the Muhurat trading slot, you will earn wealth and prosperity the whole year.

This is also one of the reasons why many traders and new investors start the occasion with prayers and tend to buy shares for the companies they wish to hold for long-term.

To trade on Muhurat Day, one needs to predict the trading activity the day before to make a wise investment.

Our Special Offer

If you trade on the auspicious Muhurat Trading day, you will be able to reap benefits of Brokerage-Free orders. Brokerage charged during Muhurat Trading will be reversed within 3 days. T&C* apply

Isn’t that a great start if you’re planning to make new investments or starting new altogether? Make sure to make the most of this offer.

Muhurat Trading sessions

Unlike the usual weekdays where the market is open from 9.15 am to 3.30 pm, the Muhurat Trading window is only open for an hour at a pre-decided time. Predominately, the Muhurat Trading session is categorised into the following parts:

  • Block Deal Session – In this, the buyers and sellers agree to buy/sell a security at a fixed price and inform the concerned stock exchange about it.
  • Pre-Open Session – This session usually lasts for eight minutes and decides the equilibrium price.
  • Normal Market Session – In this one-hour segment, trading happens like the usual market sessions.
  • Call Auction Session – This session is especially for illiquid securities to trade.

Market’s past performance of Muhurat Trading

 Based on the historic reference of the last 10 years, the post-Diwali market is usually bullish, and offers short-term investment opportunities for risk-averse investors. 

If you do not want to newly invest during the Muhurat Trading session, it would still be a good idea to monitor your portfolio because of the constant movement.

Log In to Paytm Money on 24th October and participate in Muhurat Trading on this auspicious day, and start the year with the blessings of Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and prosperity.