NYSE FANG+ Index | Power of 10 Tech Behemoths4 min read

April 9, 2021
NYSE FANG+ Index _ Power of 10

NYSE FANG+ Index | Power of 10 Tech Behemoths4 min read

Revolutionary. Futuristic Tech. Redefining the way we live.

Which companies come to mind when you hear this? Hint – we use their products/services every day of our lives.

From solving our minutest doubts, bringing shopping to our fingertips to keeping us updated on our friends across the globe or even striving to provide chauffeur-driven cars, without an actual chauffeur! These tech behemoths have been at the forefront of disruptive technology.

What is the NYSE FANG+ Index?

FANG is an acronym for Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google, first coined in 2013 by CNBC host Jim Cramer.

Today, the NYSE FANG+ Index consists of 10 of the world’s highly traded, next-generation tech companies which have and are still shaping our future with a combined market cap of $7.7 trillion as on Feb 2021.

A Quick Glance Into the Index Constituents

We know these companies really need no introductions but here you go.

  1. Facebook (FB) has left no stone unturned in connecting ends of the globe, setting the ball rolling for the mega Facebook 2026 plan which envisions the internet for ALL and social VR redefining communication.
  2. Amazon (AMZN) which started with selling books, has rattled the retail space whilst spearheading, consumer electronics, music and movie streaming. And of course, Amazon’s industry-shifting AWS is right in the heart of a digital revolution.
  3. Apple (APPL) savors its customer loyalty and it came as no surprise when it became the first American public company to hit a $1 trillion market cap. It would also not be shocking if it hits bull’s eye with it’s AR glasses and Apple cars, all set to enchant.
  4. Netflix (NFLX) played it’s (Sacred) Game very smartly to come out as an underdog after driving DVD rentals out of business. Did you know Blockbuster (biggest DVD rental back then) passed on buying Netflix in 2000 because it thought Netflix was a joke? Absurd. After achieving aggressive expansion targets, it is now also looking to deep dive create more regional content to win more hearts.
  5. Google (GOOGL) has become more of a verb than a noun. This data king has no plans of stopping and has carved out plans to command hardware, automobile, robotics and AI in the near future.
  6. Tesla’s (TSLA) chic cars and audacious CEO have been engulfing the world and the newspaper headlines for years. With an eye on ride-share, underground roads, and hyper-loops, we sure do know that Tesla will knock itself out.
  7. Twitter’s (TWTR) micro-blogging platform has given us a great outlet to opine on business, politics or even last night’s dinner. “SMS of the Internet” indeed. Going beyond Tweets, the company has announced a platform for exclusive content and interest-driven communities.
  8. NVIDIA (NVDA) produces top-notch designs of graphic processing units (GPUs) for games with a foot in semiconductors, AI and hardware and now has plans to create a new kind of chip for data centres that would take on its rivals.
  9. Alibaba’s (BABA) Jack Ma has come a long, long way from struggling to find its first investors without a business plan to having one of the world’s biggest IPOs in 2014, smashing multiple records. And now, its biggest focus lies on capturing the American and European markets
  10. Baidu (BIDU) is China’s poster child for going local. While the world worshipped Google, Yahoo and Bing, Baidu understood it’s country’s needs like no one else would, from Chinese characters to search results. A foray into Electric Vehicles (EV) is also one thing Baidu would be ticking off soon.

The Power of 10

We mentioned that the combined market cap of the NYSE FANG Index is $ 7.7 trillion. But here’s a fun fact – this is nearly 3x of ALL BSE listed companies!

Here are a few other facts about the index:

  • NYSE FANG+ Index has outperformed S&P500, NASDAQ 100 and Nifty50 on risk-adjusted and absolute return basis for the past 7 calendar years
  • 12 month forward P/E of FANG+ constituents are relatively lower than India’s highest P/E stock forming part of Nifty50 Index

World’s top 10 giants together in an index, we expect nothing less of it.

But why are we talking about this index suddenly?

Stay tuned to find out.


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