Paytm Money voted India’s Best Consumer Mobile Service2 min read

February 26, 2020
Paytm Money

Paytm Money voted India’s Best Consumer Mobile Service2 min read

At Paytm Money, our drive to bring the best of investing experience to our customers is what keeps us in pursuit of excellence and improvement. And you play a big role in inspiring the milestones we have achieved in this short yet exciting journey thus far.

We launched an online investing platform for direct mutual funds with many first-of-its-kind attributes and in a span of one year, you made it the largest online investing app in the country. We are humbled as well as encouraged by this. And it is with great delight we share the news of Paytm Money voted as the Best Consumer Mobile Service at the 2020 INDIA DIGITAL AWARDS by the Internet and Mobile Association of India.

The Internet and Mobile Association of India recognizes the best of developments in the internet and mobile world and we are honoured by this recognition. 

It has been a highly enriching experience for us to watch over 7 million investors place their trust in us. What started off as an idea to serve India to build wealth better, has resulted in a platform that has broken more than just a few barriers in the online investing domain. From a fully Digital KYC & Onboarding to the ease of discovery of Mutual Funds for our users, insightful and Real-Time Portfolio Insights, Free Risk Profile Assessment, a Seamless Payments Experience with 200+ Banks, the option to Switch to Direct, offering NFOs and so much more, Paytm Money seeks to continually evolve and bring ever new and innovative products and features to you. 

We have only just begun this dream of bringing investment opportunities to millions of Indian and there is so much more we have in store for you. Paytm Money will very shortly be launching the National Pension System (NPS) on its platform. We are also in the process of bringing Stock Broking services on our platform, development efforts towards which has been given extra care given the interest in the product from our users. On the same lines, going forward, Paytm Money will be managing the first wealth management product from Paytm, Digital Gold on its platform. This is a huge leap of faith and we are humbled by this as it gives us the opportunity to serve a wider gamut of investors beyond the realm of the estimated 19 million investors in the mutual fund industry.

The plethora of offerings on our platform is only widening to bring the best and latest product offerings to you. So, continue this ride with us Onwards and Upwards.