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Why It’s Time to Prioritize Your Finances3 min read

March 12, 2020
Priortize your Finances

Why It’s Time to Prioritize Your Finances3 min read

When we speak of priorities, chances are matters concerning money management rarely make the list.

While we prioritize most aspects of our daily lives be it professional or personal, we tend to overlook the importance of prioritizing our finances. This is particularly important given the limited nature of (most of our) income sources competing to satisfy n number of goals. When you have multiple avenues of spending your money, it is vital that you are intentional about your saving and spending. This will not only keep you from spending beyond your means but will also help you build wealth.

Here are a few reasons that explain as to why it is important to prioritize your finances and how you can achieve your goals without breaking a sweat.

1. To Engage In Goal-based Investing

To have a financial goal is one thing and to invest towards it, is another. You may have come across a number of investment avenues; but investing in an option that best suits your profile is vital to achieve your financial goals in a timely manner. You may want to explore mutual funds too when looking to invest. Here you can also combine different assets and funds in a manner that aligns with your risk profile.

2. To Keep Emotions Under Control

It is very easy to get overwhelmed when the markets fluctuate, and the one big mistake that many of us make is take rash decisions in those moments. While we can’t control the direction in which the market swings, we can prioritize our finances which can lower our vulnerability towards fear and panic. Knowing that you have planned and invested towards a goal will help you keep calm during volatile times and put you in a better position to analyse the financial implications of your actions and stay invested in a committed manner.

3. To Lead A Comfortable Life Amidst Uncertainties

Inflation has a way of eating away a significant chunk of your disposable income. One of your priorities should thus be to beat inflation and accumulate adequate wealth to maintain a comfortable lifestyle in the years to come. This can be done by planning and investing in wealth growth avenues like mutual funds. You must also create an insurance portfolio to protect your life and assets against the risks of damage and destruction.

4. To Ensure Good Health And Well-being

In the absence of a financial plan it is possible that emergencies and unexpected expenses may leave you beaten and stressed. This is something that can be easily avoided by simply putting your finances in order. You can also make sufficient provisions for emergencies with the help of an emergency fund. It helps to cover up financial shortfalls during contingencies without giving rise to the need of diverting resources that you may have already assigned towards your primary goals.


While you work really hard to earn your money, learn to prioritise your finances at the same time in order to streamline your life and make it peaceful. Take the first step by investing in mutual funds to accumulate wealth for your goals.

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