What’s New? List Of Recent Paytm Money Product Updates1 min read

March 10, 2021

What’s New? List Of Recent Paytm Money Product Updates1 min read

We have made some major product updates this month! It’s fully loaded with enhancements. Let’s see the list of new updates to the Paytm Money app.

Launching Futures & Options 🚀 

We have opened up the ‘Futures & Options’ products to everyone! You can trade in flat Rs 10 / executed order. Early access has been launched on 28th Jan 2021 and since then we have got requests from 110k+ users. Everyone has been given access gradually. Thank you for all your overwhelming love.  


Invest in ETF Made Easy 💰

Now you can discover ETFs very easily. ETFs are visible in the stocks dashboard and in the ETFs section inside the watchlist tab. Additionally, you can also view ETF fundamentals like AUM, Tracking Error, and Expense Ratio.


Countdown Timer For Market Open / Close / Intraday Square-off ⏲️

Now the app will tell you when the market is about to open / close/intraday square-off. This is another feature which will feature that will be of great help while trading.

View Funds Required While Placing Order ⚡

We understand how cumbersome it is to switch tabs while placing orders. Now you can see approximate funds required and funds available while placing the order. Make decisions faster and place orders seamlessly.

Pin Stocks for Quick Access 🔖

Want to see indices stocks while viewing orders/positions? Now, you can pin any two stocks/indices and see their prices quickly across screens.


We have made many other enhancements to the app and website. Our team has worked really hard to bring these updates to you. Hope you love the enhanced experience. If you like our updates or have any feedback, do share them with us. Update your app to experience these features:  Android   |    iOS