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Profit & Loss Dashboard – Tracking Simplified!3 min read

March 22, 2023

Profit & Loss Dashboard – Tracking Simplified!3 min read

P&L Dashboard 2.0

Trading and investing at Paytm Money has now become even smoother with the new profit and loss dashboard, which makes tracking your P&L very easy and straightforward.

What is it about?

Profit and loss is the crux of what you take home from investing or trading. Keeping track of one’s profit and loss is the cornerstone of creating and maintaining a successful portfolio or trading income.

The only bump being that keeping track of balance sheets and other financial statements has always been a herculean task involving several Excel sheets and do-it-yourself arithmetic, which takes a lot of time.

Across industries, common practices for the user/client are to procure this much needed data from complex reports and statements with too much information to grasp and draw analytical conclusions from. An example of this would be the profit and loss statement that was previously available on our platform; it certainly does the job and assists users in obtaining the necessary information, but we have progressed from here.

Before proceeding with this product monologue, consider the following as an investor or trader:

  • How easy would it be if you are directly told how much you made by the end of the day?
  • How helpful would it be if you were provided with a chart showing the P&L for every month and day in the past?

The answer to both is ‘very easy and useful’ in 99.9999999% of scenarios. With no DIY, no calculations, and no deriving this from complex reports, this is where the new P&L Dashboard 2.0 comes in, a tool helping you to understand everything about your P&L.

profit and loss dashboard tracking

What’s so exciting about this?

The P&L calendar now allows for seamless tracking of profit and loss for each month and day of each month. All this historical data is put on a calendar to track on a daily level and on charts as well!

profit and loss dashboard tracking

Understanding is improved by graphical depiction, where relative comparison makes it simpler to draw conclusions at.

It is now simpler to see the records that lie beneath P&L statements, making it unnecessary to track individual orders or transactions in order to determine precisely which transaction produced what.

The way this has been developed at Paytm Money keeps the user experience and current pain points at the forefront while finding the best way to give our customers all the information they require.

Keep track of your performance going forward and, in addition, share with your friends using the simple tap feature. Share a screenshot of your P&L performance on your preferred social media channel with your friends and family.

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