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Small Can Be Powerful — Paytm Money Explains SIP1 min read

April 13, 2020
Know about SIP

Small Can Be Powerful — Paytm Money Explains SIP1 min read

Systematic Investment Plan or SIP is a method of investing in Mutual Funds where you can invest a certain amount in a mutual fund scheme at regular intervals. On Paytm Money you can start your SIP with as low as Rs.100. SIPs are becoming increasingly popular and for good reason. It is a very simple yet powerful mode of investment. Learn how SIPs can help your money grow steadily.

SIP builds discipline

When you set up an SIP, you are committing to invest a fixed sum every month. This will help you to develop a saving and investing habit. Regardless of how small or big the sum to invest, it’ll put you on a path to stick to your financial goals.

SIP builds wealth

SIP utilizes the power of compounding when you invest for the long term. This means that you will not only receive interest on your original investment but also on any interest, dividends and capital gains that accumulate.

SIP keeps you stress free

The rupee cost averaging aspect of SIP eliminates the need for you to time the market. It is an automated market timing technique. By investing regularly, you will stand to benefit even during market downturns by accumulating more units at lower prices.

SIP gives convenience

The Paytm Money app allows you to automate your SIPs by using the ‘Auto Pay’ feature. This way you will never miss your monthly investment.

Small is Powerful, you don’t need a lot of money, you can begin investing with as low as Rs.100 every month.

Start your SIP with Paytm Money today and build wealth over time with the power of SIP.