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Status of fund transfer1 min read

October 6, 2022
Status of fund transfer


Status of fund transfer1 min read

The transfer of funds from your Paytm Money account to the bank account linked to it, could have failed due to one of the following reasons:

1. Declined by the bank

The transaction was declined by your bank.

Please check with your bank for the exact reason with the transaction details provided by us in our mail to you

2. Account closed / Frozen

The bank account associated with Paytm Money might have been closed/blocked

Please check the status of the bank account linked on Paytm Money and update with details of an active bank account if required

3. Wrong IFSC Code

The IFSC code associated with your account could be wrong or invalid.

As this code is necessary for us to transfer funds via NEFT transaction, please update your account with the correct IFSC details

Once you take corrective action, we will automatically transfer the amount. You will not be required do anything more.

You can also add a new bank account and make it your default bank account or if you have already added another active bank account, you can make it your default account.

For further queries, we request you to write to us at exg.support@paytmmoney.com.