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Stock/ETF SIP: Aur Bhi Sahi Hai2 min read

December 30, 2022


Stock/ETF SIP: Aur Bhi Sahi Hai2 min read

Before discussing the product or solution that this Stock/ETF SIP offers, let’s define the issue.

If we talk to our father or older brother who started his job 25 years ago or 10 years ago, they both say, “If we would have invested Rs. 1 lac in the stock market, it would have been Rs. 2 lacs by now, sometimes they say if we would have invested Rs. 5 lacs in XYZ stock, it would have been Rs. 1 cr in the last 10 years.” And that’s true, there are stocks that have grown at such an impeccable rate. So why didn’t they? Is this still the case today? Mostly, yes.

Let us try to figure out why they didn’t. In general, whenever savings are involved, we use the following formula:

Income – Expenditure = Savings

But the costs of your upbringing, education, wedding, and so on continue to rise. Everything has been an expenditure for them, so expenditure has almost certainly become equal to income, and they have been unable to save, or have saved in low-risk instruments such as FDs, etc.


If this is still true today, what can you do differently? Let’s look into it. Simply flip the sides of the above formula:

Income – Savings = Expenditure

That is, you simply take some money from your income, find ways to save and invest it, and whatever is left over is considered for expenditure. You may be thinking that it is easier said than done. As a result, we are developing products that will make even the “done” part simple.

How we solved the issue:

You must be familiar with SIPs, also known as systematic investment plans (SIPs), and you must have used or plan to use MF SIPs. But what if I told you that you can have SIP in the stock of your choice, a stock of products that you use every day, and you are confident that it will multiply your wealth in the next 5 or 10 years? Yes, you should start investing today to avoid saying, “If I had invested Rs. 5 lacs in stock XYZ ten years ago, it would have grown to Rs. 1 crore by now.”

Choose the stock of your choice, or if you follow indices such as the NIFTY, SENSEX, or BANK NIFTY, select the ETF of your choice, and begin your Stock SIP today to earn what your father or brother would have earned if they had started earlier, all in just two clicks.

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