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All about Watchlists in Paytm Money2 min read

July 22, 2021

All about Watchlists in Paytm Money2 min read

Want to track prices of your favourite Stocks or ETFs? Want to track performance of a few particular Futures / Options? You can do that using the watchlist feature.

Watchlist is one of the most useful features for investors or traders. This feature enables you to create a list of Scrips i.e Stocks / ETFs / Futures / Options / Indices that you want to monitor for potential trading or investing opportunities.

Watchlist on Paytm Money is designed to cater to all the needs of an investor/trader. There are multiple functionalities that enable you to seamlessly create and customise a watchlist.

How to create a Watchlist?

Creating and managing a watchlist is really easy on Paytm money. You can follow the below steps

  • Go to the ‘watchlist’ tab in the stocks section
  • Tap on the ‘search’ button
  • Type the stock name you want to track
  • Tap on the ‘watchlist icon’ shown on the right side of the screen
  • That’s it! Similarly you can add multiple stocks to the list
  • Once stocks are added to your watchlist, you can come back to this section to track those stocks any time

Customise your created Watchlist

This is where you can see the scrips that you have added for easy reference. You can add up to 50 scrips in one watchlist. There are three ways to sort the listings within a watchlist in both ascending and descending order:

  • By Name
  • By % Change in LTP
  • By Price

You can leverage this to check how your favorite stocks are performing relative to each other.

Edit Watchlist

You can use edit the watchlist to remove a scrip, by a simple one step click. You can re-order the scrips according to your choice.

Manage Your Multiple Watchlists

You can create up to 10 watchlists, with 50 scrips in each of them. This means that you can track up to 500 scrips. Not only this, you can create and structure a watchlist as per your requirement. You can name the watchlist with any name of your choice and use the emojis too!

For example, if you are interested in the Tech and Banking Sector, and want to track sector wise stocks separately, then you can create two different Watchlists, one for Tech and one for Banking.


Watchlists in Paytm Money are a one-stop solution for tracking your favourite stocks. You can do all sorts of modifications and structure your Watchlist the way you want! Do explore the feature on your own to find out!

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