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Understanding Trade Summary and Contract Note2 min read

December 14, 2020


Understanding Trade Summary and Contract Note2 min read

Trade Summary :-

Trade summary shows the day’s transaction made in a particular segment along with the cumulative summary of all the charges.

One can track the total traded value of both buy and sell transactions.
‘Trade Details by Segment’ helps you to know the total turnover of both Delivery and Intraday transactions.
‘Trade(s)’ shows the order wise transactions made on a given day which contains all the necessary information.
‘Summary of Charges’ gives the total types of charges levied on a given day.

Contract note cum tax invoice: –

Contract note briefly explains all the transactions made on a trade level, whereas the trade summary describes the transactions made on an order level.

To explain it by an example : – Let’s assume that you place an order to buy 100 quantities of INFY, and this entire order will have a number to identify (Order number) and if the order gets executed partially 5 times. The trades are being triggered 5 times, then the trade number will be different for all the 5 trades.
A contract note acts as a bill that shows the exact amount which needs to be credited or debited.

‘PAY IN / PAY OUT OBLIGATION’ will show the end of the day’s settlement amount for all the transactions made.
‘Net Amount Payable by Client’ is the net amount after deducting the brokerage charges and the other taxes, and the same amount will be posted on the ledger statement.
Contracts notes are issued separately for both equity and F&O segments on a daily basis.
You should use the PAN card number in n (Capital letters) to open the contract note.
Contracts notes can be extracted from both the Money app, and the Web trading platform: – Account > Statements > Contracts notes, and the same will be sent to your registered mail ID.