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Paytm Money Launches India’s First Voice-based Trading Feature!3 min read

November 17, 2021 3 min read
voice trading feature paytm money

Paytm Money Launches India’s First Voice-based Trading Feature!3 min read

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India’s first voice-based trading  and search feature lets users invest in stock, futures, and options with just a single tap!

We’ve released the feature in a beta mode for a select group of people. Launching it in the beta mode will help us collect feedback and improve the voice instructions. 

We plan on making it available to all users within a month. So if you don’t have access yet, you won’t have to wait long!

Using a voice command is simpler and faster than the normal way of trading. 

  • No need to type a single character to trade in stocks, futures, or options.
  • Users can check the details or price of any of the 5200 listed companies from just a mic tap.
  • No need to input anything manually, not even quantities, either for stocks or for futures and options.

Some of the features that are now active on Voice Trading are as follows:

  • Buying and selling of stocks and derivatives 
  • Checking Last Traded Price (LTP) of a stock or derivative

Enabling voice-based trading is quite simple. You will see a request pop up on your screen, and all you have to do is select “Enable Now”.

If you don’t want to enable the feature right away, you can always do it later by going to Security > Settings. 

how to enable voice trading on paytm money app

After enabling the voice feature, just click the mic button on the screen. You can easily move the voice icon anywhere on the screen, according to your comfort.

Users will land on the onboarding screen, where they can get more information on using voice commands.

how to use voice command on paytm money

What voice commands should you use? 

Take a look at some examples:

Intent # 1 – Buy :

If you want to buy a stock or derivative, just say “Buy X quantities of XYZ stock” or “Buy Nifty futures 2 lots”.

A window will popup, where users can give the final confirmation in a single tap. 

Intent # 2 – Sell:

“Sell 20 quantities of Infosys” or “Sell Nifty 15800 Call option” are some examples of commands you can use.

A window will popup, where users can give the final confirmation in a single tap. 

Intent # 3 – Check LTP:

For example, if you want to know the LTP of HDFC Bank, then all you need to do is say “LTP of HDFC Bank”.

Powered by AI 

These voice modules will be making use of artificial intelligence and machine learning and detect the NLP Patterns to catch the voice query effectively to fetch the top results within the stipulated time, access to multiple databases and retrieving the output accurately, Error Handling to catch the errors (if any), and various other testing and debugging methods.

  • Data training done on 5.3M+ samples generated using a pre-trained neural network for text generation from seed.
  • More than 2.7M+ NLP samples tested with the above neural networks.
  • Implementation of the pipeline reuses certain components to achieve an overall inference time of <50milliseconds

We are also looking to expand this voice trading/search feature to all the functionalities on the dashboard. Do give us your feedback, since it will help us serve you better!

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