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F&O Dashboard 2.0- Trading Simplified4 min read

December 30, 2022


F&O Dashboard 2.0- Trading Simplified4 min read

Hello Traders!

We are back with another set of offerings to make your trading experience more efficient and smooth. 

In order to make your F&O trading more effective, you will notice that we have revamped our Paytm Money F&O dashboard. You’ll see the dashboard in a new avatar- some new features are being introduced, and the old features will be seen in a distinctly new style, all to make your trading journey with us- smoother and brighter!

Introducing new capabilities: 

Talking about new features, Paytm Money is here with three new features on its Android, iOS, and Web dashboards- F&O News, Futures Contracts List, and Market Scanner. Let’s learn more about them in detail- 

1. F&O News

The importance of having access to information cannot be undermined in the trading world. 

And F&O News does exactly this. F&O News brings you timely, up-to-date market news throughout market hours. Useful and relevant information is the key to making well-informed decisions.

And in the capricious nature of the trading world, where uncertainty is the only certainty, having up-to-date information at your disposal can either break or make your portfolio.

To ensure that you don’t miss any opportunities available in the market, F&O News updates the news on your dashboard every five minutes with the most recent information.

2. Futures Contracts

The existing F&O dashboard contains an Option Chain in the Market Indices section at the top of the F&O dashboard. In the new dashboard, users will have access to the Futures Contract widget and Option chain.

This is done to improve accessibility to the Futures Contract page for traders. They will be able to access the Near, Next, and Far month contracts directly by clicking on the Futures Contract widget. 

Additionally, a new index ‘India VIX’ is added in the Market indices section of the F&O dashboard. 

market indices on paytm money

3. Market Scanner

You no longer have to extensively look out for stocks that are trading at a premium or discount from their spot price. This market scanner feature brings you critical information on Futures and Options contracts right on your dashboard.

You can directly see the stocks that are banned from the exchange, those removed from the ban, and those that can probably enter the ban.

All this information will be displayed in the Market Wide Position Limit feature in the Futures tab. The options tab will display distinctive activities happening in the F&O market, like a sudden rise in Call/Put OI build-up and others. 

market scanner on paytm money
4. Heat Maps 

We value the feedback we receive from our users and based on that feedback, we’re reintroducing the old features in a new way. Intending to enhance our users’ experience, we’re modifying the viewing format of existing features. Users can now access the Heat Map and Market Movers features in an additional viewing format. 

heat maps on paytm money

Earlier heat maps were only available in grid view. Now, users can access the feature in a graphical view along with the grid view. We’ve classified the Heat Maps attributes in Futures and Options. Index and Sector are available under the Futures tab. And under the Options tab, you have Open Interest Analysis and Change in Open Interest. 

5. Market Movers 

Similarly, in Market Movers along with the current list view, a graphical view will be available to traders for Futures and Options. Data is displayed in green and red bars to make it visually appealing to traders while also making it easy to retrieve the required information.

market movers on paytm money
6. Market Radar

The 360-Degree Radar View allows you to view real-time market activity and make informed trading decisions. With 9 events, specific to Bullish and Bearish each, get a grip on how many stocks opened on a 52-week High and have Gap up, Gap Down, Filled Gap Up, Filled Gap Down etc.

The best part? You will have the choice to filter the stocks and sectors that they want to monitor and also customize the events that meet their requirement. 

All these features are introduced to benefit traders in their trading journey. Paytm Money strives to introduce features and solutions that add value to our traders and make their trading journey easy and hassle-free while keeping them at the centre of innovation.

market radar on paytm money

And if you are one of the few who have not explored the detailed analytical tools available on the F&O dashboard at no cost. For more details, click here and give your trading a decisive edge.

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