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Ride The Waves Of Economy With The Business Cycle Masterclass2 min read

November 3, 2021
business cycle masterclass from paytm money


Ride The Waves Of Economy With The Business Cycle Masterclass2 min read

Over the years, we have been yearning for a nutritive food cycle, a fixed sleep cycle, a promising career cycle – all for a holistic life cycle. But did you know that apart from these, there is one predominant cycle that helps you to manage your investments? It’s the business cycle.

Well, this cycle will not help you make profit from any “business” venture in the literal sense of the term, but rather show you the path to profit by putting your money at the right juncture of the economy and into the right kind of asset class and sector.

make profit from business venture paytm money

Having a hard time deciphering it? Needn’t worry! This time, Paytm Money is bringing a host of seasoned speakers to help you understand this very detailed concept in its Business Cycle Masterclass, this 19th and 20th November. This masterclass will be held in partnership with Aditya Birla Sun Life.

So what’s in store for you:

  • For starters, you will have the basic framework of the fundamental analysis, the Economy-Industry-Company (EIC) approach, how systematic and unsystematic risks can be averted and economic indicators being put to use.
  • Next up is how the stock market and business cycles are phased out and can impact your portfolio together to create income flow during bullish and bearish phases.
  • But will the impact be based only on the entry and exit in various phases? Definitely not! Sector rotation into Banking & Financials, IT, Pharma & FMCG, Auto will also cushion your potential losses, if any.
master strategies based on parameters paytm money
  • Finally, you will master the strategies based on parameters like market cap, valuation, and for this, the Investment Clock will come in handy. Maybe you can end up investing in a business cycle-based fund.

Wonder how these sectors performed in a falling and a rising market, specially before and after Covid-19 struck? Which sector’s growth is more dominant at what stage? We bring you some market data to corroborate the need to understand this cycle.

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This masterclass on the fundamentals of the business cycle will ace your game of investing by teaching you ways and means to predict the market movement with sectoral rotation.

So if you are someone who is looking to diversify your portfolio but is wary of the stock market landscape, these sessions are going to aid you in every possible way. All you need to do is go with the flow, err, business cycle!!

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Grab your tickets here and embark on a joyride of ups and downs!!

BTW, have you been going through a major FOMO after having missed Paytm Money’s expert-led sessions on ETFs, International Investing, Futures & Options, Passive Funds and more? Keep calm because we have it sorted for you!!!