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Good Till Triggered (GTT) Orders On Paytm Money3 min read

August 22, 2021 3 min read

Good Till Triggered (GTT) Orders On Paytm Money3 min read

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The wait is over! GTT feature is now live on Paytm Money. You can now place GTT orders with a validity of 1 year. Paytm Money will not charge you any extra amount for GTT orders. We are launching with GTT – Delivery Buy and F&O Buy/Sell currently. Delivery Sell will be launched very soon. It is taking more time due to changes in the eDIS flow of Delivery Sell.

Benefits of GTT

  • You don’t need to monitor prices daily
  • You can set trigger prices outside the current circuit limits of the stock
  • Your order will be sent to exchange and you will be notified once the trigger price is breached

A Sneak Peek into the GTT Feature

Good Till Triggered, aka GTT feature on Paytm Money allows you to place orders that will get triggered when preset conditions are met. You can place BUY GTT instructions for Stocks, and both BUY and SELL GTT instructions for Futures and Options.

Steps to Create a GTT instruction on Paytm Money,

  • Select the stock you want to place the GTT for
  • Click on the stock to go to its company page
  • Go to GTT section under instructions
  • Input Trigger price and other details like Quantity, Market/Limit order, etc.
  • Create GTT

You will get a confirmation once your instruction is created, with all details of the GTT. PML allows up to 5 active GTT instructions per scrip and up to 20 active GTT instructions overall.

GTT Instruction for Stocks 

  • You can only place Delivery Buy GTT instructions for Stocks on Paytm Money

Buy and Sell GTT instruction for Futures and options

  • You can place both Buy and Sell instructions for Futures and Options
  • The type of the order will be overnight
  • For Futures and Options, GTT instructions will expire on the same day as the expiry of the scrip. For example, if you have set up a GTT for Reliance July Future and the future is expiring on 29 July, then your instruction will also expire on 29 July if not triggered before)

GTT Instruction placement Screen:

GTT instruction placement screen paytm money

Confirmation screen:

GTT confirmation screen paytm money

Please keep in mind that your order will be executed once trigger price is breached only if you have the required funds (for Buy order) or holdings (for Sell order) in your account. Otherwise, your order will fail. Funds information is shown upfront while you are placing a GTT instruction.

You can cancel or modify a GTT instruction while it is still in Pending state.

In order to modify or cancel a GTT, 

  • Select the GTT you want to cancel or modify
  • For cancelling, click on the delete icon and confirm
  • For modification, the flow is similar to creating a new GTT instruction

Modify GTT instruction screen:

GTT modify screen paytm money

Do keep in mind that order execution is not guaranteed by PML. We will send your orders to exchanges once trigger price is breached, the execution (full or part) depends on other factors like availability of buyers and sellers, bid-ask spread, volatility, system issues, etc.

Do check out the feature on your Paytm Money apps and let us know your feedback.

Happy investing!