How Jio Took Telecom By A Storm2 min read

September 9, 2021
how jio took telecom by a storm paytm money

How Jio Took Telecom By A Storm2 min read

Who would have thought that 1 GB would cost less than a vada pav? Data had indeed become cheaper just like Mukesh Ambani promised.

The telecom industry was hit with a bomb called Reliance Jio in 2016. The new kid on the block was giving the telecom veterans a run for their money. The old-timers could either fight back or bite the dust. 

Let’s check out a quick story on Jio & the impact it has created!

Domination Since Day 1

Free calls, dirt cheap data, and the mammoth of a brand that is Reliance, Jio used all cards in the book to lure in customers. The word aggressive sounded like an understatement for Jio. 

Jio’s strategy was simple – offer more for less and rope in brand ambassador, Shah Rukh Khan. It successfully converted 2G customers to 4G at the lowest price possible.

Around mid 2019, Jio had already acquired the No. 1 title in India and No. 2 title in the world in terms of user base with 340 Million subscribers! 

In 2020, Jio stunned the industry by raising ~USD 15 Bn in the midst of Covid-19 havoc, quarantine saga and conjecture around the Indian recession.

The Impact of Jio

The “Jio Effect,” they called it. Jio has become not just the crown jewel of Reliance, but the crown jewel of India’s telecom and data!

The launch of Jio truly changed India by playing a huge part in bridging the gap between the urban-rural digital divide. 

The country started streaming. Our consumption went from an average of 700 MB to 11 GB per month! There were 350 Mn active internet users in 2015 which grew to 622 Mn in 2020 and is expected to touch a whopping 900 Mn by 2025!

A lot of vernacular apps started mushrooming for non-English and non-Hindi speakers who joined the addressable market with the help of low-cost mobile data.

Ahead of Time, Always

Jio has promised to be the first to bring 5G to India with it’s ‘comprehensive, complete, and globally competitive’ solution. All eyes are definitely on Jio!

And apart from 5G, Jio has quite a lot on it’s plate. From Zoom’s alternative, Jio Meet to Jio Mart to well, Jio Phone & Jio Glass. 

Disclaimer – This content is purely for informational purpose and in no way advice or a recommendation.

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