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Introducing Interoperability Positions View4 min read

May 13, 2022


Introducing Interoperability Positions View4 min read

We are glad to announce the launch of InterOperability Positions View on our platform. This view will help you track your combined positions across both the exchanges, i.e., NSE and BSE. 

Earlier this year, we went live with InterOperability functionality on our platform.

What is InterOperability?

Just to briefly rewind, InterOperability basically means that your trades, irrespective of the exchange they were executed on, can be settled in any of the clearing corporations. 

Before we introduced In the pre-InterOperability, the margins were calculated separately for each position. When traders placed orders on a particular stock in both NSE and BSE earlier, they were considered two different positions. 

With InterOperability, the margin required to place an order is calculated based on your combined positions across the exchanges. Moreover, you need not square-off intraday positions individually in each exchange as the quantity across both exchanges are counted as a single position. 

If you are still curious about the benefits of InterOperability, you can refer to our previous blog about the function.

What is InterOperability Position View and how can it be used?

With InterOperability Positions view, you can now see your combined positions across NSE and BSE including P&L in the positions section. 

In the default Position view, where the positions are shown at a stock (for example, SBI or TCS), product type (Intraday/Delivery) and exchange (NSE/BSE) level, 

But with the InterOperability toggle, the same can be viewed at a stock and product level, irrespective of the exchange. 

Let’s take the help of a few examples.

Scenario 1: If you buy 10 shares of Vodafone Idea in Intraday in NSE and sell 3 out of them in Intraday in BSE, you will see a single netted-off open intraday position of 7 shares of Idea in the InterOperability Position view.

InterOperability Position View















Default Position View
















Scenario 2: Now if you sell 7 more shares of Vodafone Idea in Intraday in BSE, then you will see a single netted-off closed intraday position of 0 shares in the InterOperability Position view. 

 InterOperability Position View
















Default Position View
















Note that with introduction of InterOperability Position view, there will not be any change in the default Position view and you can switch between the two position views using the toggle in the Position section.

In each of the above examples, you will see two separate position entries (one for NSE and one for BSE) when you switch back to the default Positions view by switching off the InterOperability toggle. 

Although your positions across NSE and BSE including P&L are shown separately in the default positions section, the combined positions across exchanges are considered for deciding intraday square-off.

Are there any functionality changes in either of the Position views?

Apart from the view, there are no changes in the functionalities in either of the position views. To Add or Exit a position from the Interoperability Position view, you can choose the exchange in which you want to buy/sell in case the stock is present in both the exchanges.

Select Exchange toggle
















Live Price toggle in the Interoperability Position view can help to subscribe to prices of either NSE/BSE for stocks enabled in both exchanges. 

Do note that Convert position and Bulk Exit features are currently available only in the default Position view with InterOperability toggle off. 

In Position Details from InterOperability Position view, you will be able to find the trade history across both exchanges.

Do Note – The F&O segment is supported only via NSE on our platform. So, there will be no change in F&O trades.

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