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Vivriti – Empowering Through Financial Progress4 min read

August 17, 2023


Vivriti – Empowering Through Financial Progress4 min read

Vivriti Capital Ltd. operates at the forefront of India’s financial landscape, playing a vital role in the realm of non-banking financial services. Established as a non-deposit taking systemically important NBFC, Vivriti Capital has distinguished itself through its innovative approach and commitment to providing tailored financial solutions to a diverse clientele.

The company’s core focus lies in offering debt solutions that cater to the distinct needs of mid-corporates spanning various sectors. Vivriti Capital’s unique selling proposition rests on its ability to understand the intricate financial requirements of these mid-sized businesses, which often have distinct challenges that are not adequately addressed by traditional financial institutions. By customizing its debt offerings and structuring solutions that align with the specific industry dynamics, Vivriti Capital has emerged as a key enabler for these businesses’ growth and expansion endeavors.

Vivriti Capital’s success is underscored by its impressive portfolio, which currently stands at ₹5,835.80 crore. This noteworthy achievement is a testament to the company’s prowess in cultivating enduring relationships with its clients and consistently delivering value. By providing comprehensive debt solutions that range from working capital financing to structured debt products, the company has established itself as a reliable partner for around 194 mid-corporates seeking to navigate the complex landscape of financing.

One of the remarkable aspects of Vivriti Capital’s approach is its dedication to maintaining a robust asset quality. This commitment sets the company apart in an industry often characterized by fluctuating asset performance. Vivriti Capital’s ability to grow its loan book while upholding high standards of asset quality attests to its rigorous risk assessment processes and prudent lending practices.

As Vivriti Capital takes its maiden step into the public issuance of NCDs, it not only signifies a significant milestone in the company’s trajectory but also highlights its intent to broaden its access to capital markets. This move is aligned with the company’s mission to further empower its lending activities and bolster its capacity to meet the evolving financial needs of mid-corporates across diverse sectors.

In essence, Vivriti Capital’s multifaceted approach, ranging from its client-centric debt solutions to its unwavering commitment to asset quality, positions it as a progressive force in India’s financial landscape. The company’s ability to navigate complexities, foster growth, and provide tailored financial solutions underscores its pivotal role in driving the success of mid-corporates while contributing to the broader economic ecosystem.

The company has made an announcement regarding a public issue of secured, rated, listed, redeemable, non-convertible debentures (NCDs).

These debentures will have a face value of ₹1,000 each, and the issue is set to be worth up to ₹250 crore, with the added flexibility to retain oversubscription up to ₹250 crore, culminating in a cumulative total of up to ₹500 crore, offering upto 10.5%p.a. to their investors. The debentures have been rated A by both the rating agencies.(ICRA and CARE)

The terms of the debentures offered under the Issue are as follows:

Anyone interested in applying for this public issue, can head out to our app and place their applications anytime. Marked on the financial calendar, this public issue is slated to commence on August 18 and conclude on August 31, affording prospective investors a two-week window to participate. Furthermore, there is an option for an early closure, which indicates the company’s willingness to gauge the market response and potentially conclude the issue before the stipulated end date.

As for the utilization of the net proceeds generated from this public issue, Vivriti Capital has outlined a clear strategy. A minimum of 75% of the total amount will be directed towards purposes such as onward lending and financing. This allocation aligns with the company’s objective of furthering its lending activities and supporting its growth trajectory. Additionally, a portion of the proceeds, up to 25% of the total amount, will be allocated towards general purpose expenses, demonstrating a well-rounded approach in managing the generated funds.

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