Why Is My Order Pending?3 min read

April 25, 2024


Why Is My Order Pending?3 min read

Hey there, fellow trader! Ever had that moment when you’re eagerly waiting for your stock order to go through, only to find it stuck in limbo with a “pending” status? Yeah, we’ve all been there. Let’s unpack this mystery and understand why those orders sometimes get stuck in the pipeline.

What’s the Deal with Pending Orders?

So, what exactly is a pending order? Simply put, it’s an order you’ve placed that’s hanging out in the Orderbook, waiting for the right conditions to be met before it can be executed.

Why might your order be pending?

1. Are markets yet to open?

  • After-market orders (AMO): When you place an AMO (After-Market Order) after regular trading hours, it’s like placing a bet on tomorrow’s trading game. Your order patiently waits until the market reopens, ready to be sent to the stock exchange once the stock hits the price you’ve set on the following market day. 

2. Price match awaited:

  • Limit order: When you place a limit order, it’s like sending out a request for a specific price. Your order waits in line until the stock hits that custom price set, ready to make its move.
  • Stop-loss order: When you’ve set a stop-loss order, as a safety net, your order patiently waits until the trigger price is hit. To speed up execution, consider setting a trigger price closer to the current market price or opting for a market order.
  • Market order: Market orders are sent to the exchange as a limit order after applying Market Price Protection (MPP) of ~2.5%; this is done to protect the investors from high market volatility. Therefore, your market orders may also be pending in case the MPP price has been crossed. Learn more about how market price protection works with simple examples: Price fluctuation guard for your Market orders: Market price protection (MPP)

3. Scrip has hit the circuit:

  • Upper/Lower circuit: If the stock hits its maximum/minimum price for the day, called the upper or lower price limits, then your order is put on pause until the market gets back in the groove. 

4. The stock has become illiquid:

  • No Bid/Ask: From the market depth, you can check the number of buyers, and sellers available for that scrip. During low liquidity, with fewer buyers and sellers in the mix, finding a match for your order can take longer than usual.

How do I check on my case?

You can check the specific case of your pending order under the info section > Why is my order pending widget to view why it might potentially be waiting for execution:

Step 1: Go to your pending order. Click on the info option:

Step 2: Scroll down to “Why is my order pending”:

Therefore, do not worry if your stock order occasionally gets delayed or stalled. It could be because the market’s yet to open, your order’s price is yet to match, or Scrip is yet to open up for trading. Just remember to keep an eye on your trades, and you’ll navigate these orders like a pro.

Happy trading!

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Written By: Gunjan Gupta